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NEW: Download the 1.5 mb movie file (.mpg) of .21-powered Rockette doing 42.5 mph, she would have gone faster w/ a second gear of 21-43, but stripped gears don't engage so I had to settle for a flyby with just the 15-49 gearing. Download rocketteflyby.mpg here (right click and "save target / link as").

New: See HPI Challenge info here: Midwest Challenge


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Engine OFNA hyper, Evo II, mounting hardware, slide carb set-up


list of hop-ups on the NMT and SNR


beginner info, advice, opinions, protection, review, top-hop ups

a collection of r/c linkz


extensive pictures of Rockette


Super Nitro Rally picz


some tipz you may want to check out
Roll Cage available now in limited quantities

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