SNR - Super Nitro Rally

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Laura's Super Nitro Rally ("SNR"), is still mostly stock, but the lightning design sure looks sharp.

Here is a rooftop shot.

Here are the Tamiya TGX block tires installed on black HPI 5 star rims... looks very sleek.

Here's a shot of the tire installed, looks like I've got to trim some of the wheel well.

Front of the Escudo Pike's Peak body painted in blue with lightning that Laura painted all by herself.

Go Pooh Bear go!

Aftermarket heat sink, motorsavers air filter, GS Silicone fuel tubing, and some bald tires make for a fun ride.

The CEN header is much less restrictive than the stock header.

The Dynamite failsafe is great protection against runaways. I would not feel safe running a nitro-powered vehicle without one.

Top of stock SNR when it arrived to us used off of Ebay.

Right and left sides of stock Super Nitro Rally..